Natalie is still hissing, growling and swatting her tail!

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It seems to happen most about 3am. She wakes up, wants to eat, we feed her...this morning she ate twice, and then she was still meowing, and meowing....talking...and then the hissing and growling started as her tail was swishing wildly. Everytime it moved it she would give it the evil eye and watch it...as though she wasn't doing it, as though it had a life all it's own.
We are worried. The plan is rescue remedy (today our store closed early where they carry it) and I have been giving her her valerian toy which she likes.

I'm concerned it might be that odd thing where cats attack their own tails.

We plan on getting her to the vet this week...her senior panel came back good a month ago.


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Those are all symptoms of Feline Hyperstasia Syndrome, FHS. Ask your vet to check into it; especially if she has ever had head, spine, or nerve damage. We know it is rare for cats who are not Siamese, but I am a Tortoise Shell Calico, and I have if from the brain damage I suffered after the nasty parasite infection I had. My symptoms were worse in the night and my absolute worst episode was at 4 in the morning. I hope it is NOT what ails you. However, if it is, there is hope; my symptoms also included seizures and I was put on Gabapentin (a pain blocker) and I am now over a year since my last episode. Purring our little hearts out for you Natalie!

Chiquitita, Bandit, and mommy (mommy says pawmail if you needs to) Also, the "rescue remedy" did help my symptoms before the FHS was diagnosed.

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Talk to your vet about feline cognitive disorder