Bella has a build up of fluid and vet wants to remove a nipple

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Hi everyone,
Bellas mom here.
I'm calling the vet today to find out what she said to my husband, what this is called. But apparently, Bella has a build up of fluid in her mammary area. it's not cancerous. they drained it on Sat, and the vet suggested removing the nipple.
I'm concerned about that, because she's 15, has a heart murmur the vet feels is probably age related, and because surgery is expensive, and because 2 years ago Bella didn't rebound from her dentistry all that well-and was both depressed and ill for a couple days.
My Bella means so much to me. I want to do whats best for her, and I have confidence in her vet and like her, so we'll talk and find out whats up. That said, I'm wondering if anyone has ever had a similar experience with an older cat? She was spayed when I got her many years ago, so I don't know where this has come from. She does get lactated ringers once a day for CRF, and pepcid 2x a day, and azodyl once or twice a day.

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Sounds like with her health problems surgery might be a concern. I would ask the vet if there are other options to deal with the fluid buildup.

Good luck, and keep us posted

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I agree, with her other medical issues and previous issues with the dental surgery I'd have thought that surgery should be avoided if possible. Maybe it'll make more sense once you talk to the vet but if not you should get a second opinion to make sure it's the best option.

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Yup, I agree with everyone else - discuss it with the vet to see if there are any other options besides surgery. From what my vet has told me, surgery and anesthesia at their age isn't the best idea.