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Purred: Mon Aug 1, '11 11:10pm PST 
I had a hyperthyroid and was taken methemazole chews for 2 years - 10 mg twice a day. My T4 numbers were not getting any better so my mom and dad decided to send me to do the radioactive iodine treatment. That was in February '11. I unfortunately had to go back for a second treatment since the first one treatment was not enough. Today I am about 4 pounds heavier. My momma calls me 'chunky' now. It was an expensive treatment but it would be cheaper in the end if I continued with the chews.


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Purred: Sun Aug 21, '11 7:22am PST 
My Ben had hyperthyroidism when he was eleven. My vet recommended the radiation treatment. I went directly to our Angell Memorial Hospital where they do it and placed him on the waiting list. Ben was difficult to pill. He was a large Maine Coon. I pilled him for about a month when he got the treatment which is about 96.8% curable. They had to keep him for two weeks more to take care of his radiated litter. The treatment wa fast and painless. This occurred about ten years ago. The treatment was $1000 and the pills were about a one dollar a day. I figured that he lived more than three years that it was worth it. He did. He did get diabetes when he was thirteen but that is another story and not related to the hyperthryoid. Cancer finally claimed him when he was sixteen but it was located near his kidneys....I would to the radiation treatment because it meant no pills and Ben could lead a normal life. The pills restricted a lot. By the way, I got it early since he got senior blood tests. He had lost only five ounces. It was a total surprise....He felt so much better after the treatment.......

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I have been on 2.5 (5mg a day) for almost a month.
My numbers have gone down. Still waiting for one more test to come in on Monday.
I used to weigh about 7 pounds 3 OZ.
When I went in and was diagnosed I was down to 5 LB & 11 OZ.
I have gained back 1/2 a pound YAY!
The first thyroid test went from 24 down to 3.3 The vet said 4 is normal but a cat on medication should show a lower number on the test than the normal.
My other test was 397 in the beginning and is now down to 105. The vet said 100 is high normal.

Mom is really scared because the vet is talking about maybe having to increase the medication. The 5mg a day scares her because that seems high and if the Dr. increases it Mom is worried my kidneys will crash or something.

Advice? Mom is really upset, confused and sad.


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My sweet Pogo had hyperthyroidism (very common in cats) I treated him for almost a year. Unfortunately, he passed over the rainbow bridge in October. I still grieve for him. I hate to be the barer of bad news, but there is never a happy ending, although you can prolong his life somewhat with the medicine you mentioned. My son's cat lived a year and my Pogo lived a year. I am so sorry I can't give any good news. There is another method, although very expensive and that is the radioactive iodine treatment that destroys the thyroid and then the cat lives on meds forever. This is not available in all cities, but I did consider it for Pogo. However, my vet said he would not be a good candidate. I wish you well for your kitty.

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