Question about fold ear genetic mutation and long-term welfare

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I am thinking on getting a scottish fold cat, and I wanted to know a bit more about effects the genetic mutation related to folded ears has to the SF cats long-term life welfare.

The resources I found in internet tell that every fold ear cat develops joints/bone conditions at some point of their life and that severity of these conditions vary, they also tell that breeding fold with none-fold helps reduce effects of the mutation in kittens. But they don't explain what that means exactly.

And a breeder I want to go with breeds folds with british short hairs.

Does anybody of this forum knows what breeding folded cat with british shorthair does? Does it eliminate issues completely, reduces severity or postponing developing of these conditions later in their life?

I like the breed, but I really want to know what to expect in future if I decided to get such kitten.

Thank you in advance.

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