How hypo-allergic are Russian Blues?

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My daughter & I are extremely allergic to "normal" cats. I would like to hear from someone with allergies who owns a Russian Blue. How has it affected your allergies? Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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I set up an account but it's not logging me in.. Anyway, we just got our Russian Blue kitten in October. I've always been allergic to cats. My husband rehomed his cats when we got together because of my allergies, but he's been missing having a cat. We did a lot of research before getting a cat. I considered taking allergy shots to get rid of the cat allergies. He loved RBs, but until we heard they were possibly hypoallergenic, we didn't consider getting one. I read about living with cats and having allergies. We even made plans to follow some tips but haven't had to do anything special for my allergies.

When we brought her home, it was the height of Fall allergy season and I was pretty miserable; oddly enough not from the cat. I had moments when I questioned myself and my reactions. But now I don't think I'm allergic to her. She sleeps with us, I touch her all over, nuzzle her to my face and when she scratches me I have no reactions. Cleaning the litter box makes me wheeze though. However I believe there is some truth about the being hypoallergenic for some people. Also, I went into the kitten/cat adoption area at PetsMart to see if I could be around other kinds of cats, and I felt sneezy and wheezing after visiting those cats.

I'd say visit a cattery or someone who has one before you being one home.

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My girlfriend has one, or what looks to be one, and it's actually pretty easy on my rather severe allergies. Coincidentally, the girl I was with before also had one, but I died every time I went into that apartment. Who knows? I think it varies by individual. Time around the cat will also help your allergies ease up, at least it did with me.