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Polo -
Purred: Fri Aug 19, '11 2:35pm PST 
I was wondering if you guys could help identify my cat's breed. We adopted him last week and on the card it said D.B.S (I have no idea what it stands for). I googled his "look" and he seemed to be a Russian Blue? But I'm not really sure.

Any info you can give me from looking at his picture would be amazing!

Thank you!!


Purred: Tue Aug 23, '11 9:00pm PST 
He's a cutie! So to answer your question, I need more info. What color are his eyes? What color are his paw pads? Does he have a very plush and thick coat? Do you know what his family looked like (litter mates or mom)?

Russian Blues are a rare pedigree cat that mostly available through breeders. People pay up to $1,000 for kittens. Occasionally, they show up in shelters or rescues but usually as adults.