What am I?

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Daddys little- buddy
Purred: Wed Jun 20, '07 7:14am PST 
I have rings around my tail, my paw pads are a darkish pink, I have a coat that is very different than my brother's. It is dense and feels almost like a dog's fur when you pet me. I talk a lot, and I am very active.

However, I have yellow eyes. Am I partly Russian Blue? I know that Blues have green eyes, but my mommy said that my coat, paw pads and markings might indicate some blue in me.

I am asking because I act a certain way that my brother does not, and thought maybe it was a trait.

Tom- Berzerker- Xyro Bosley

Crazy Pants- Magillicuddy
Purred: Sat Jun 23, '07 4:18pm PST 
I think you are just like me, Milo! I'm part Russian Blue, too. I have rings on my tails and yellowish eyes, but my grandma knew that my dad was a Russian Blue.

I've read some of your posts and we're definitely alike! I really like to jump on counters and shelves, and I'm so smart that I can open cupboards and some doors. Honestly, I could live without my humans if I had thumbs! Also, when I was little I couldn't meow very well, but I've learned how and I am a talker!

So, yep, I bet you're part Russian, too!

Graysen (In- Catnip- Heaven!)

Mr. Gray
Purred: Mon Jun 25, '07 1:28am PST 
I think I am part Russian Blue too because I have really short fur. My Meowma knew a Domestic Shorthair tabby kitty with short fur but mine is even a little shorter. If you have ever seen a DSH with real short fur you would know the signifigance of my fur being even shorter.

Besides that I have minty colored eyes kind of like the color Russian Blues are supposed to have. My ears also look like they are set to the side of my head plus I have that little triangle black nose. But the main thing that makes my Meowma think I am Russian Blue is my extra short fur.


Purred: Tue Jul 10, '07 12:03am PST 
The smile sure looks Russian Blue. I have almost purple paws and green eyes. I am not sure what I am either. I was found at shelter....I have all the traits...very shy around strangers, even the door bell scares me. I fetch, say "Mama" and am very loyal to my owners. I like to watch TV, chirp at the birds and wait for "the boy" to wake up in the morning so I can lick him in the face like a dog!

Doolin &- Daisy

I didn't do it!
Purred: Fri Aug 17, '07 2:42pm PST 
We never knew what we were either! It is nice to see familar faces on this site! My mom is pretty certain that we are Russian Blues!


It's hard being- Teh King
Purred: Fri Aug 24, '07 3:56am PST 
I look like many Russian Blue's but I don't know for sure. My mother was a black and white "cow cat" (see Fitty's profile on my page)...I don't know who my father is though. Fitty had 4 boys, Abyss and I were different from them (they were "cow cats" too). I am grey and Abyss is black-brown. We look similar, but slighly different. One thing that confuses me...we have faint tabby marks. I'm not sure if that's just because our furs are colored weird or not (or maybe our father was a tabby?).

If anyone asks I like to say I am Russian Blue (it's the closest breed to my look). big grin


Purred: Sun Sep 16, '07 8:43pm PST 
Hi my mommie has had me since i was 2 weeks old. I have all the markings of a Russian Blue including the green eyes and mauve like pawslaugh out loud However when mommie wrote a Breeder of Russian Blue cats confusedshe was very nasty to my mommie and said, Russian Blues arent thrown to the street. I can bet You have a street cat not a Russian Blue shrug O well the vet says im a Russian Blue and so thats what i am. And what if i am just a street cat, Im still as loveable as any cat she will breed. My mommie told me that. So hapuppy We must all stick together, we are what we are


snooty puss
Purred: Mon Oct 15, '07 1:44pm PST 
You story makes me mad!
I am a Russian Blue, but my mom found me in a pound.
Just because you were "found" does NOT make you a "street cat" and you know, street cats are pretty danged cool if you ask me. Some of the smartest kitties I know come from the 'street' but that doesn't mean that they are less desireable in any way.
The woman your mom contacted sounds like an ignorant purebreed snob to me. There are MANY reasons why a pure RB could be found somewhere (although not at all common). What a nasty lady to act in such a way.
Aside from all that ranting...
The RB's most distinct feature is easy to spot- or FEEL is more like it. We have a double coat of fur. Our inner coat is a light colored fur, short and soft and makes out outer coat puff up a wee bit. The outer coat has silvery tipped hairs that almost appear as though we are shimmering when we walk. The color difference from base to tip should be VERY distinct- as opposite as black and white. Our fur feels SUPER SILKY when we are stroked. Your mom should be able to draw lines in your fur with her fingers *giggle*. MANY shades of blue are common in our breed, but the lighter the coat, the more desired among breeders and those who show. We should NOT have any markings such as rings or white patches and ONLY kittens can have 'ghost tabby' markings. Our paw pads are generally mauve to lavendar, but can be pink. Our voice is soft when we use it and we are very affectionate kitties. We have wedge shaped heads, wide spread ears and of course, our eyes are emerald green.
For more information on the RB cat, check this link out.
ANY part of RB you kitties have in you is a blessing- no matter how small an amount. You are ALL Blue-blooded royality in your own way.


Daddys little- buddy
Purred: Tue Nov 6, '07 3:49pm PST 
Since I first posted this message, my fur has become quite "blue" and powderly. My eyes are now green right around the pupil. The picture here is my most recent. My furs have really lightened up! And you can totally "write" in my fur! Mommy likes to draw pictures in it.

Mommy (and Daddy) tell me I am beautiful, and even though I was a "street cat", they say I am Blue Russian.

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Phoenix~ Her- Exalted- Highness

You may pet me.
Purred: Thu Nov 8, '07 7:47pm PST 
I was a shelter cat and nobody knows fur sure what my breed is. My vet says he's sure I'm part Blue. I have rings on my tail and my furs look like they was dusted with powdered sugar kitty Most of the time I'm not much of a talker, except when mum has something good to eat that I do believe she must share with me, MOL!

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