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Middy-The King- Of Jumping!
Purred: Tue Jun 12, '07 1:37pm PST 
big grin3 facts about the Russian Blue cat breed:
1. They are smarter than many of the other breeds.
2. They have more understanding than most other breeds.
3. This goes for both mixed and purebred Russian Blue.
eek These facts are true!


Purred: Thu Aug 16, '07 6:45pm PST 
Didn't we all know that already??? hehehhee

Doolin &- Daisy

I didn't do it!
Purred: Fri Aug 17, '07 2:36pm PST 
I agree! Very responsive and loving breed!


I am just a- kitty, I am not- a superhero!
Purred: Fri Aug 17, '07 8:41pm PST 
I read on the Cat Fanciers website (well, Mommy read it before she adopted me) all of those things. I was such a love bug and always called for my momma when she was not around. I was at my happiest when I was cuddling with her or daddy. My mom says that I was the most affectionate kitty in the world! (but she is a little biased big grin) kitty


High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Sat Jul 12, '08 8:48pm PST 
we are as loyal as the Woofers!!

we are pawsome!


Purred: Thu Oct 16, '08 7:12pm PST 
Hi All . I have not spent much time in the forums but I got a kitten this summer that I believe is at least part RB. She has that amazing blue/silver coat. Anyway I have an question about RB eyes.

Chloe had blue eyes until about 8 weeks. Then they turned kinda tanish. But I see some of that amazing green just around the pupil. She is 6 mos old now. So will her eyes eventually turn all green as I hope? He mom is a blue/;cream tortie but does not have the sheen like Chloe has.

I also see faint striping on her tail and hind quarters. Is this a RB trait or just something fromt he other part of her linneage?

I have to say she is about the smartest cat I have ever met.


I still suck my- thumb...
Purred: Fri May 22, '09 10:00am PST 
cheer I agree, I agree, I agree! Blues are the bestest breed! I just adopted my second blue, and he's every bit as sweet, affrectionate and smart as his brother who passed away. And did I mention gorgeous, too??? happy dance