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Hi cat lovers!
One of my kitties loves all raw. I do frankenprey and Instinct raw when in a rush. But my other kitty who was raised on kibble does not like much of anything: loves kibble, eats a bit of wet food and no raw. I tried switching her... but she ended up not eating at all ... so i gave up. She is very very (!!!) finicky. Needs variety even in things that she eats, like kibble and wet food. This is the cat that would rather starve than eat something she does not prefer....
Recently, i saw freeze dried food from Instinct in Petco (among other raw Instinct stuff; it is finally in mainstream stores). And Alleluia, she seems to love it.
So, i was wondering whether anyone had experience with freeze dried cat food. Any thoughts and brand suggestions?
I wish i can switch her to raw, but she immediately gets very skinny when i try to feed her raw and she is a small Siberian anyways, especially compared to my other kitty.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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NV Instinct is good way to go It used to be supplement only but it has been reformulated to be 100% complete way to go Petco and Pet Supplies Plus sell NV now.

Another good brand is Stella and Chewy's.

Primal Pet has both frozen raw and freeze dried raw. We've never tried the freeze dried raw.

Ziwi Peak has air dried raw food. It's meant to be fed dry shrug Ziwi Peak is awfully expensive for a little bag confused

You'll find the above three brands only at non chain independent pet stores, not big chains like Petco and Petsmart. There's a store locator on the web sites smile

Of course you can buy food online but shipping might be costly. OnlyNaturalPet.com is a good place for healthy premium brands of food. I'm not sure if PetFoodDirect.com has raw food of any sort but you can check.


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I don't feed freeze dried raw, but it's great that he'll eat it! My only concern would be with hydration. Do you rehydrate the food before serving? If not the moisture content would be the same as kibble and that's the biggest danger of dry food. If you add water and he eats it I think it's great move for a finicky cat!


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thanks. i got some more freeze dried food based on your advice. Let's see whether she likes that too.
She does drink more from the freeze dried food then from kibble actually. Guess that's good.

Kaylee &- Amelia

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We currently use a mix of raw, freeze-dried raw, dehydrated raw, and canned. Kaylee will eat anything, but Amelia is picky. Brands of freeze-dried/dehyrdated raw we have tried include Stella & Chewy's (their favourite), The Honest Kitchen (another favourite), and Primal (they didn't like it much). I think Amelia prefers canned because she can smell it better, but she likes THK and Stella & Chewy's as well. She is the pickiest with raw food, I think because her sense of smell isn't as good.

For awhile, I was worried about not having food down all day for them, so I USED to feed the Stella & Chewy's without water added. Now I add water, and they both eat better. I definitely suggest adding water because cats need the moisture.

I wouldn't worry too much about including freeze-dried raw. As long as it is from a reputable company and has a good protein/fat/carbs ratio, I think it is good. I always try to do the best for my cats, and if I could do it 100%, I would feed raw, but they seem to have other plans! LOL. So, to me, high quality freeze-dried, dehydrated, and canned are the next-best thing! Good luck!


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Both my boys are on Stella and Chewys. It has a powerful smell that both of them love. I am transitioning them into pure raw by putting some meat slices in there.