cats suddenly not eating well

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Hey everyone!
I have had all my cats on a raw diet for at least eight months now, give or take depending on the cat. They are pretty picky and for the most part I have only been able to get them to eat chicken, turkey and rabbit. Recently they all started to get picky about the chicken and now none of them will eat chicken or rabbit unless they are absolutely starving. I don't want to go back to canned, even thouh I bought a few just in case. I have four cats and they are all doing the same thing. I don't want to just feed them turkey, that can't be good at all. Anyone else have this problem?

One of the cats did have kittens two weeks ago. The aversion tp chicken started a little over a month ago and.the rabbit aversion started this week. Could it be because of the kittens.and.pregnancy?

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Hi, maybe you ll find mine and Bobo's story worth reading.

I had full faith in providing her with a good raw food diet and did not do any bloodwork all the time I had her. If I had a chance do things over again, I would have done bi-annual blood work and done all necessary tests at the vet's at the first sign of weird symptoms, rather than trying to fix her myself, hoping for the best. Thank you

My cat Bobo was a funny pot belly calico, a gentle friendly pet who loved greeting people and little dogs. She enjoyed walking with me outdoors and waited for me and followed me around and many people mistook her for a little dog. I had her eight years. The thought of her will always bring me happiness. She died early Saturday morning Aug 24 @4am at an emergency pet hospital in Grapevine, Texas . None of the vets that have seen her have a good idea of her underlying disease or the cause of her death. I have provided links to her tests and x-rays and please see below my summary of symptoms and events leading up to her death.

medical records: bloodwork taken twice, x-rays taken twice and a radiologist's report on the first x-rays, urinalysis

https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B14XdGrHSj6vRz gtb29admUwbXM&usp=sharing

enlarged xrays:

https://plus.google.com/u/0/103639928875598226239/posts/R8yjrzUp hn9?partnerid=gplp0

why wouldnt a vet insist on placing my cat on feeding tube and IV knowing she is dehydrated and not eating?

I wanted to include the actual story, but this site is saying I used G rated words, so I cut it not sure which words are offensive.


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I couldn't say why your kitties don't want to eat the raw diet anymore, but what's more important is that they eat something. If that means going back to canned food, then that is what's necessary. Not eating is much more harmful to kitties than eating canned food. There are some really good brands out there.

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I can’t understand why your cats are behaving like this as by nature cats are carnivorous and they love raw food which include meat and many other chicken things. I think you should consult professional for advice.


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You might try some new proteins - I know BK gets bored with the same meats over and over. Try some red meat - beef, lamb, pork, venison, etc. Or different poultry like duck or pheasant. The bones may be too big but you can add chicken necks or wings to get the bone they need. Otherwise, I agree you may have to go to canned to be sure they're getting all the nutrition they need.