Vaccines and Raw? Pre-made AND Real?

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Are there any vaccines I need to give my cat to avoid sickness that can be in some meats?

Also, I'd like to give Nature's Variety Instinct Raw with meaty bones for a meal or two a week and organs a meal a week because I like the convenience of pre-made meals. Is this okay?


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Hi hi, nope!

I feed raw (Hare Today meat/organ/bone mixes w/ Alnutrin), and my kitten got the standard core vaccines for my area - FVRCP and PureVax rabies -- no others needed!

Human grade meat sold in the grocery in the US is free of parasites (including worms), but some do regularly de-worm their cat anyway. Cats are more likely to pick up parasites from other infected animals or if they're also outdoor cats than eating raw human-grade meat. If you are feeding wild-caught meat or fish, parasites can be killed by deep freezing before feeding.

I feed ground mixes so I'll let someone else chime in about pre-fab raw -- but from what I've read, these tend to be higher in bone so supplementing with meat is okay!


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Toby's right - no vaccines needed. If you're feeding more than a meal or two of not pre-made raw just be sure to balance it. Scraps here or there are ok, but if you're feeding a pre-made that is high in bone and you add a meaty bone you may have a constipation problem very quickly. If the meaty bone goes over well, you may want to just consider a Frankenprey diet.

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You certainly don't have to give a cat vaccines for anything in the meat.

Cats are very-well suited as obligate carnivores to hndle any kind of bacteria in raw foods.
Cats should only be vaccinated once as kittens and that's it... applies to dogs also... All or most vaccines are good for life immunity, something that Big Pharma and many unethical vets don't want pet owners to know about.
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