Mouse Preference over other foods?

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Evens Toki?
Purred: Tue Aug 27, '13 11:39pm PST 
Toki has been eating raw food since I adopted her at 6 weeks old. She is fed a wide and changing variety of mice, chicks, chicken meat, organs, and bones.

She has grown so quickly it even amazed my vet. In the past 25 days she has went from 2.40 lbs to 3.60 lbs. She has the most glossy coat I have ever seen on a kitten (not greasy). She eats 2 scheduled meals and more throughout the day if she's hungry. She will meow at the refrigerator or start licking my face if she is still hungry.

She is growing and the most I have seen her eat in a day was a half a pound of food. (2 jumbo mice, 4 pinkies, a chicken thigh and gizzards).

She is very lean and muscular, I'm not worried about her becoming overweight because she will not eat if she is not hungry. She has no worms either just a voracious appetite.

My question to those who feed thawed mice is:

Does your cat seem to prefer mice over anything else?

If she is given mice for breakfast she will inhale them. However, she snubs her nose at chicken but will eventually eat it. It's quite funny to watch her "air-bury" her food dish with her paw as if it were poo. She loves liver and gizzards (once or twice a week) though.

(I will make a separate topic for her hatred of egg yolk as well)