Switching from dry kibble to raw? Help!!

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Purred: Mon Jul 15, '13 11:13pm PST 
Hey guys. My Tigger adopted us 4 years ago and ever since has never had any interest in canned cat food, tuna, or treats. He ONLY likes his dry TOTW and Im afriad he wont take to the raw. He does live mostly outside, he comes in to eat and sleep at night.He will eat anything he can catch. But nothing we feed him except dry kibble. Any suggestions on making the transition easier?

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Purred: Tue Jul 16, '13 4:01am PST 
Try the tips here: http://www.catinfo.org/docs/TipsForTransitioning1-14-11.pdf

Have you tried different types and varieties of canned foods? thinking

Does he catch anything outside and eat it? thinking I would think a cat who is used to catching mice and other things outside and eating it would take to raw food pretty easily thinking


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Hi hi, does he really eat what he catches or does he just kill it and play with it?


What!? You mean- I'm NOT a dog!?
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sometimes he kills them and eats them sometimes he just guts them. He love to eat mice bodies but always leaves their heads as a gift to us naughty

He's left dead animals in the yard and our dogs eat them though dog

He doesn't like ANY canned foods/tuna or treats

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