Looking for best diet for old cat with kidney problems

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I'm not sure if raw would be best for my old cat with kidney problems. Does anyone have any knowledge on this? If there's a good raw diet out there for cats with kidney problems? I've been looking into raw for my dogs then when I got it down, start on the cats. But with my cats current condition I want to get her the best help I can ASAP. Or if you even know of a diet good for such cats?

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Raw food can be fed to cats with kidney problems. You want to keep the phosphorus leels down because the kidneys won't be able to filter that out normally. Catinfo.org has a raw food recipie but doesn't recommend it for kidney cats shrug You can contact Dr. Lis of Catinfo.org to come up with a kidney-friendly raw diet. I think she does charge for a consultation fee thinking http://www.catinfo.org/?link=makingcatfood#Note: Dr. Lis does a homemade grind but I think she would be able to help if you want to do frankenprey raw.

An older cat can be difficult to transition to raw food shrug But you can give it a try.

Have you seeen the Feline CRF page? http://www.felinecrf.com/ There lots of info there for kidney problems cats.


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Trying to switch an old cat to raw might be difficult. I think the main issue is staying away from bone because of the phosphorus levels. You'd have to use a calcium supplement instead. You might be better off with a low phosphorus canned food, or you can use a phosphorus binder to keep the levels low.