Some questions..

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your cat's diet, please contact your vet!


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Hello! I have two year old kitty. Male. Neutered.

He is a mixed breed and a very big sweet loving boy. And by big i mean big. He is the size of a yorkie.

The thing is,i discovered i can get Taste Of The Wild here and want to switch him to it. He is in fiskies right now.

One of the problems is that they only have one flavor and no canned version and if they do it is probably very expensive. I dont want to defeat the point if grain free and then come and give him some low quality wet food,i want him to get more water,so how?

Another thing is,my dogs are on raw and TOTW but i can't/am afraid of switching him becase:

He already jumps on counters. Has stolen fresh meat that was thawing /seasoned for un in the past.
It would become expensive to feed the yhree raw and kibble.

Suggestions? I love him to no end and i noticed his poop smells like someone died and i learned that is not actually normall on cats and its because of the diet.

Yes. He steals food and turns over the kitchen trash can. But only when hungry/curious.

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Hi there Ritchie's parent. I'm a little confused, what does Ritchie eat now, kibble? And you want to switch him to canned? Or raw and kibble?

Since I'm not entirely sure what you want, let me throw a few things out there.

1. Never feed a cat kibble when you are feeding them raw. One reason that the bacteria that exists on raw meat doesn't harm a cat is because raw moves through their digestive tract very quickly and their digestive tract is very acidic which is an unfriendly environment to bacteria. Kibble moves very slowly through the digestive system because it is almost totally lacking in moisture and feeding kibble also reduces the acidity of the digestive system. Both negatives.

2. Why do your dogs deserve raw food and not your cat? You say he sometimes steals raw from the counter. I say he's a smart cat who knows what he wants to eat and what's good for him. Cats are obligate carnivores and have no need for veggies, grains, and excessive carb's in their diet. You can not get away from carbs feeding any kind of kibble, even grain free.

3. I have found that a prey model raw diet is cheaper than buying top of the line, grain free canned food, like NV Instinct. Is cost part of the issue?

I don't know if any of that was any help, but why not come back and ask some more questions.



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I wanted to switch him to the grain free kibble. and was stuck wandering what to feed to make him have more water.

My dogs eat raw and grain-free kibble on the same day*not meal* is that harmful too?.

Well,the reasons for not switching are those of stealing because he steals lots of things not only meat,but bread,leftovers oor anything that you left unnatended on the counter.

Changing him would make him stop stealing food and checking the trash can?. it did stop one of my dogs and she only does it know if hungry and wasn't able to feed her.

He would be full i guess and thus have no need to steal. But how do i started? I'm worried,what if he lacks something or this and that.

And i can't always feed him when i am out the country,I would have to give kibble on those times*same with my dogs*

So many questions!.

here I can buy: quail,chicken,turkey,beef,goat,fish*salmon and whiting*,veal and pork,but porck is out of the list because my uncle who is a vet,told me not to give them pig because it has parasites. Here they are less careful with that. What should i start him with? i tried in the past to give him some but he would just lick it and ignore it. later i discovered some stuff about raw feeding cats.

* I live on the Dominican Republic,by the way.

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You should try to put a minimum of 12 hours between kibble meals and raw meals - even for the dogs.

I think feeding raw would leave your cat more satisfied and less likely to steal food. There are no guarantees of course.

Before you start feeding raw, do some research. A raw diet has to be carefully balanced: 80% muscle meat, 10% bone, 5% liver and 5% other secreting organ. Start with catinfo.org. It will explain how dangerous kibble is and how to get started on raw. Feel free to come back and ask more questions when you're ready to start!

(and I love DR by the way! One of my favorite vacations ever was in Sosua.)


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Awesome!! and I not only allow a lot of time to pass,but also feed after they poo,so i'm totally sure there is no more kibble.

I know,i was reading a book I downloaded on RawFeedingCats.com.

Its almost the same things as with dogs*which i have done a ridiculous reseach on*
but eaier party.

You. I am going to spam your inbox. I want to learn from that book,and your experience. Can you note me about how did you transition,what do you currently feed,etc.

So i can have info from the book,and from a person. big grin

Love cha~!


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We came to raw in a weird way. BK has severe allergies and when he arrived as a foster he was in bad shape. He was half bald and scabby and bleeding from scratching so much. The rescue found a dermatologist who put him on an elimination diet of prescription canned food (rabbit). The diet helped him but he got sick of the food. To get him to eat it, and because he could only have rabbit, I bought whole rabbits, roasted them and used the meat on top of his food to get him to eat. Meanwhile, I started doing research and learned about a raw diet. I got ground rabbit from a supplier, mixed it with supplements (using the catinfo.org recipe) and started giving him that. He ate it but he didn't love it. By this time his skin was in better shape so I started trying different proteins to see if he'd have a reaction. I think it was one day when I brought some venison home that his eyes lit up and I saw how much he enjoyed chunked meat, rather than ground. After a while I got him to eat bones and he's been on prey model raw ever since. I had another allergy foster at the time who never graduated to Frankenprey. He didn't understand the bone concept and he stayed on ground until the day he died. I have another CH kitty now who also doesn't like bones, so she still gets ground. Sometimes it's the cats who decide!