Crazy Cats

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OMG .. my cats are about to drive me insane!

My great danes have been raw fed for 2 years, and i know how excited they are for their food, but even as big as they are .. they don't knock me around like my 4 cats do!

I have 4 cats (Momma, Georgie, Gimpy, and Munky). When we bought our house last year in August it came with a very pregnant Momma cat. She had 5 kittens and we kept 3 of them.

They appear to be Egyptian Mau mixes, several generations out I'm sure (although 2 of the kittens look identical to a pure bred Mau, right down to the belly pooch and everything).

These cats go absolutely bananas when it's feeding time. They have gotten so bad, that they will sometimes launch themselves at me in an attempt to grab the bowl of food out of my hands (and they have suceeded more times than I would like to admit).

I'm not scared of them, but it's unnerving to have 4 cats swarming you like a pack of tigers!

we keep them in the cat room while we aren't home (or they would tear everything up in the house, including the food in the cabinets). They climb an hang on the door to the cat room, and when I open the door it's like a flood of cats scrambling .. people who come over are like o.O.

They are sweet cats, but holy hell .. am I the only one with wild beasts over their raw? It's like they are ravenous ALL the time .. and they eat a LOT (they are not skinny, the one who looks most like a Mau is a thin framed cat compared to the other 3 though).

Here are some videos of them

Flooding me when I open the door to get their food bowls

hanging on the door begging for food, right after they ate