Natalie may have kidney issues-considering trying raw again-one vet says yea/ another nay...

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Hi everyone,
Natalie went to the vet this past week. She's been looking scruffy and the vet is thinking it could be her kidneys. We get her tests back today, hopefully.

A good friend who's cat had CKD and did well on raw suggested a raw diet out. I bought this up to our vet when I called to find out about test results (they were not in yet) and our vet said that she didn't recommend raw for older cats with kidney issues-too much protein on the body and with Natalies 'sensitive stomach'this might be an issue.

I am confused. I went with a friend to pick up her cat from her vet and I happened to mention Natalie to him. He told me that he actually recommendds raw for cats-including those with kidney disease as he thinks a raw diet takes less for a cat to transform to energy and digest.

We had been considering trying raw as both our foster and new young guy Midnight appear to have some food allergies and we have heard that raw can really help.

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My understanding is that it's a myth that a high protein diet is not good for a cat with kidney issues. It's more important that phosphorus levels be kept low. Check out Dr. Pierson's site: catinfo.org for further info. A raw diet can be truly helpful for many health problems and is worth a try.


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I have saved many cats, and I won't post it in here but in my opinion, raw all the way! I currently only have my kitten on raw, currently have 3 cats. Merida was a stray I saved, she couldn't walk, was severely dehydrated, she was a mess! I had her on canned food, ended up switching to raw, and then back to canned, and back to raw. I have her progress on video and you can see the difference in her eyes, skin, and coat, and even the fact she was walking on the raw diet, yet when I switched to canned she couldn't walk. Switched back to raw, and she was walking again, repeat this. She couldn't be healthier now. One of my others has dandruff, and feline acne, and just a whack of problems no matter what diet I have her on that is commercial dry or canned. It's terrible.

In the case of a kidney cat, which Natalie may or may not be, could be a few things with her symptoms, there is a recomended kidney cat diet for raw actually. I had a kidney cat, never had him on a raw diet, but used herbs to help him instead. I believe the prev poster gave that website info. My cat was on a powder from the vet to help his phosphorus and calcium levels balance. Personally, i think with that powder and a raw diet a kidney cat would do better than on a commercial store bought diet (or even vet prescription)

Here is a link to help you understand kidney failure bloodwork. Maybe that will help you as an owner decide what you think is best for your girl.