New kittens and raw?

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Marlin- Purrkins

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Purred: Fri Jul 27, '12 6:48pm PST 
I will be getting 2 lovely maine Coon kittens in August (they will be 12 weeks old).
The breeder feeds raw. She buys frozen ground rabbit from a place called Hare Today. The kittens are doing well on this diet and weigh in at 3lb at 9 weeks old.
Anyone have any input on this food?? Do I need to supplement?
Thanks for any advice!

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sat Jul 28, '12 5:22am PST 

I don't make homemade raw food but Hare-Today only sells raw meats, either whole or in pieces. Unless you will be doing the frankenprey model diet (80% meat, 10% organs, and 10% bone) then, yes, you will need to add vitamin and mineral supplements. Plain raw meat isn't nutritionally complete on its own. Does the breeder supplement the raw rabbit with anything else or use a recipie with the rabbit?

Hare-Today sells the Alnutrin supplement but that needs to be used with raw meat, bones, and liver/organs.

TC Feline and Better In The Raw are two pre-mixes that you can use with just raw meat.

You can also make your own homemade raw food. Buy raw meats from the supermarket or butcher shop or at online raw meat for pet food web sites like Hare-Today, and then follow a good recipie such as the one at http://catinfo.org/?link=makingcatfood and http://www.catnutrition.org/index.html There are many other raw pet food recipies out there but many may not be nutritionally complete or may include ingredients that are unncessary (fruits/veggies, rices/grains, etc) so be careful.

Commerical raw pet food is another option if you don't want to make your own raw food. There are some good brands out there. Some may contain ingredients like fruits and veggies but others do not. Big name brands like Nature's Variety can be found in speciality pet stores/boutiques as well as online while others may only be sold online.

Human's Leroy was weaned onto Nature's Variety raw food by the breeder. He's almost 2 years old now and doing very well on that brand of raw food big grin Human tried some other brands but he did not like them shrug Leroy does like plain raw chicken which Human sometimes gives him for treats.


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I just want to clarify a few things about Hare Today since I use their products. I use it in two ways - chunks of meat and organs to feed BK in the Frankenprey method, and their ground food to feed Callie, my CH kitty who doesn't "get" the whole bone thing. Their ground meat products are available with bones and organs ground in, so technically you don't need to supplement. I still do, according to the Dr. Pierson recipe on catinfo.org. It's unknown what vitamins are lost during the grinding and freezing process so I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm very happy with HT's products and their service.

Two things worth mentioning: If you're feeding ONLY ground rabbit you will have to supplement taurine and you'll have to add some fat (usually chicken skin is recommended) because rabbit is low in both. I would suggest that you add other proteins to their diets - one of the important rules of raw feeding is to use as much variety as possible so that any deficiencies in one source will be made up by another. HT has a large variety of ground meats besides rabbit, including chicken, turkey, beef, pork, venison, etc. Just be sure to get the ones that include bones and organs if you go this route.

Hope this helps!

Claude- Hoppurr - Master GR- Com

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Thank you for your answers. The breeder says she supplements with red clay and taurine in addition to the raw food. She also has dry food available for cats to snack on. What dry food would best supplement a raw diet?

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

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BK, thanks for clarifying about Hare-Today smile

I've never heard of using red clay as a supplement to raw meat thinking

IMO, if a cat is eating raw food there is absolutely no reason to feed any dry food. Dry food does nothing for dental health and contributes to a dehydrated body and even potential future health issues. Besides, the digestion rate of dry and raw foods are very different which can cause an upet tummy. Canned food is ok to feed with raw food.

I don't know what other raw feeders do for snacking. Human used to leave Leroy small canned food snacks in a programmable timed feeder in case he got hungry. Leroy hasn't needed the snacks in a long time now. He is fine with 1 oz of raw for breakfast, 1 oz of food for dinner about 12 hours later, and 1 oz of food by bedtime.

My two cents smile


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I never heard of red clay supplements either. If you're doing ground raw I would follow Dr. Pierson's recipe to be sure. And as Merlin mentioned you shouldn't feed dry food within 12 hours of raw because if the difference in digestion times. Raw food moves through their systems very quickly whereas dry takes a long time to digest (due to all the ingredients that are not optimal for their systems). The danger is that if you have raw food backed up behind dry food, bacteria can build. I use raw chicken hearts and/or gizzards as treats. Most cats love them and they're excellent sources of taurine!