Shrimp? OK raw, or cooked?

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Its been a long time since the last I posted here... and unfortunately in that time, I am minus one kitty cry

I lost Leonard earlier this year to a urinary blockage. I had just added Ridley (new pup) to the household when it happened, so very regrettably I mistook his odd behavior for the normal stress of having another dog around. By the time I took him in it was too late, and he passed on the table.

Since then I have tried yet AGAIN to transition the cats to a raw diet. I did the pre-mixed grinds, and the powder you add to meat to make it balanced (Better in the Raw), but once again they refused to yield. I also tried the FreshPet Vital food... also not interested.

Right now I've managed to get them on a mostly canned diet, about 70% or so canned food (mostly Wellness grain free), but I'm still having to mix in a little bit of kibble (Orijen) to get them to finish their meals.

Yesterday I bought some fresh raw shrimp to cook, and as I was preparing it Jett seemed usually interested, so I threw him one... and he gobbled it down. Surprised, I gave one each to Bella and Neko, and they also ate it happily. This is literally one of the first times I've ever seen them enthusiastically eat a whole food...

So I'm wondering is raw shrimp ok to feed? Or to add to their current diet on a regular basis?

I worry about contaminants in seafood, and if it would be better to boil it (provided they will eat it).


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I too worry about contaminants in seafood and unfortunately I don't think cooking the shrimp will eliminate them. I wouldn't feed them regularly, but what about using them as an incentive on the wet food, instead of using kibble?

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This is Delyte. My person has never cooked raw shrimp--she buys the cooked kind--but I have actively been consuming cooked shrimp whenever I can get them for 17 years and I am still here. If I could have shrimp at every meal, I might stick around another 17 years. Most cats love shrimp, or the water they have been cooked in. Cats who live by the sea will catch the kind of shrimp and sea creatures who live in tide pools etc, so it is a natural food for us. But as to what humans have put in the sea, I can't say.

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