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Freeze Dried Whole Chicken Necks

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your cat's diet, please contact your vet!


Purred: Thu May 31, '12 9:55am PST 
Mom was looking for something for us to chew that would be healthy and good for our teeth. She came across the mention of Fresh Is Best Freeze Dried Chicken Necks when she was reading a vet website article.

Would this be a good idea? Has anyone tried these? How often do you give something like this? Mom knows nothing about this type of feeding. She watches how many calories we eat a day, how many calories would be in something like this? And does she just watch us chew it, bone and all? She knows not to leave us alone with them. This would just be a treat to keep our teeth good and give us something to chew on.

Sorry for all the questions. Any help or information on this would be really appreciated. I wanted to see what your comments were first before asking the company any questions.


Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Thu May 31, '12 5:00pm PST 
I think most raw feeders here use fresh raw necks from the supermarkert or butcher shop thinking Or thawed frozen raw necks sold in pet stores.

I don't think it would hurt to give a freeze dried neck. The web site says that it can be rehydrated before feeding shrug

One neck a week is probably enough for most cats. Most cats just gnaw on the neck and maybe eat what little meat that comes off. You don't actually eat the neck.

Raw poultry gizzards and hearts are another way to help keep your teeth clean. These are very fibrous and chewy.


Purred: Thu May 31, '12 5:15pm PST 
Thank you so much Angel Merlin for your helpful post!!


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Purred: Fri Jun 1, '12 3:52pm PST 
Wish we could help but I've never heard of these. BK just gets a raw neck every day as part of his raw diet - the neck is the bone portion of the diet. And yes, he eats the whole thing. Not large necks but small ones, or half of a large one. In addition to being part of his diet, it's a great way to keep his teeth shiny and clean. Gizzards are good too, but the gnawing of the bones seems to do the best job.

I'd be curious about these if you try them - the texture in particular. What happens to a bone when you freeze dry it? thinking


Purred: Fri Jun 1, '12 4:52pm PST 
That is a good question BK on what happens to the bone when it is freeze dried! I think I am just going to skip. Thank you both for your help.

I think I put this in the wrong forum as it isn't raw food. Sorry about that!