Peanut butter or something similar in a kong?

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Purred: Tue Aug 2, '11 5:09pm PST 
Phoenix loves his kong. Would it be safe to put peanut butter in it? It's done for dogs, but I don't know about cats.

Or is there something similar which I can put into his kong?

(I don't feed raw.)


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Purred: Tue Aug 2, '11 6:15pm PST 
I bought a kitty-sized kong too! I also have a dog who likes to chew up all the cat toys so I got the Kong for them. I haven't put any treats in it though (because of the dog!). I sprayed some catnip spray on a piece of cloth and stuffed it into the kong-they went WILD over it (and the dog could care less)laugh out loud

You could probably put some kitty-safe treats in the kong, or smear some pate style cat food. I'm not sure if peanut butter is ok for cats or not shrug


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Purred: Tue Aug 2, '11 6:20pm PST 
I don't have catnip.

There are two cats in the house. One is sixteen years old, and the other one year old. The older cat is the only one who cares about the cat treats, unfortunately. (He doesn't care about the kong.)


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Purred: Wed Aug 3, '11 3:40pm PST 
Maybe some turkey baby food? They actually make "kong stuffin" for cats. see the Kitty kong

Now the actual kong part we didnt like but we LOVE the paste.
The cat kong part is kinda a joke. too flimsy, now if we got one of the tiny doggy ones we probably would love it.


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Purred: Thu Aug 4, '11 8:16am PST 
we never used kong, but we like peanut butter. mom gives a lil a treats sometimes and has never made us sick. acutally peanut butter has protein it. but it is sticky though