Okay to mix raw with canned?

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Purred: Tue Jul 26, '11 8:36pm PST 
So I know it's dangerous to mix raw meat with dry kibble but is it also bad to mix it with canned food? So far Allie turns up her nose at raw meals but I was able to sneak quite a bit of ground raw into her canned food the other day. She did have a nasty poop after that which made me step back for a little while silenced laugh out loud but I'd like to continue supplementing her diet with raw food.


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Purred: Wed Jul 27, '11 3:47am PST 
Hi Allie, no there is no problem with mixing canned and raw. Both types of food digest at similar rates. The problem with the kibble and the raw is that kibble digests so slowly that raw, even fed hours later, can back up behind it in the digestive tract, thus giving a chance for bad bacteria to grow if they are present.



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There shouldn't be any issue in mixing raw with canned. We mixed a can in with raw over the course of a couple days, gradually increasing the ratio of raw-to-canned when we were transitioning Karela.

If she had a nasty poop though, you may want to make sure you are not feeding too much liver. That can sometimes cause bathroom issues.