Fleas and Ticks - have you noticed...?

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OK, to all my rawfeeders out there - have you noticed a LACK o fleas and ticks on your rawfed furrballs? I sure have.

After this last episode with Rags and Lyme Disease (in the Cat Health subforum) I examined all my furrballs with a fine tooth comb. Literally. And there is nary a flea, tick or any parasite on their uber healthy bodies. Now I live in the foothills of the Smoky Mnts and ticks are rampant this time of wet year so suffice to say, I was shocked (pleasantly so) at the lack of nasties.

Anyone got anything they care to share? Please?

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We're indoor kitties so we don't have any experience at this, but I have heard anecdotal evidence. I would love to hear more.

Mo, how about the barn cats? Any problem with them and fleas?


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No fleas here either with all my barn cats. But there are no ticks around here so I have no idea about that!

Malachi is a "flea magnet" though and occasionally escapes and gets outside. Within 30 seconds of him being out there he already has fleas on him. He gets combed very well with a flea comb after those episodes. When he was found and taken to the shelter he was covered in fleas, very anemic because of that, and barely alive. So I wonder if that could have anything to do with the problems he still has?

I'm considering using Diatomaceous Earth (food grade, from wolfcreek ranch) for Malachi though, instead of using "normal" flea meds. If I got some, I'd probably use it on all the cats just mixed into their food, to get rid of any worm problems they might have. I'd use it on myself too - it has many benefits for people - and it wouldn't suprise me if I have some type of internal parasistes myself, with my working on a dairy farm!

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I know this is a very old thread, but I found it in google search and wanted to add that I also have noticed this... I'm not sure what it is, but I know for sure there were ticks in the yard everywhere and I never found one on her and last summer and this summer she had no fleas. I feed my cat Orijen dry food and supplement with Primal raw food. very strange... My sister's cats all have fleas every year.


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I don't notice any correlation between diet and fleas/ticks. I work as a professional cat groomer and have some clients who are raw fed. I just treated two of them for fleas. They were scratching just terribly! As I was treating them the fleas were jumping onto me, in my clothes, and I think a few even got in my hair! Both cats had a lot of flea eggs. They also had tons of that nasty flea dirt. It took me quite a while to comb out and bathe away all thos nasty fleas. I hate those little red buggers! I informed my client that she needs to get her cats to the vet, as the fleas were just terrible. I was afraid the cats were anemic. My cats are not raw fed, yet they never get fleas. I think it all combs down to grooming and prevention, probably not diet.