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Purred: Mon Apr 18, '11 12:05pm PST 
Okay, so my grinder came in (LOVE IT!), and I made up a batch of chicken. Neither of the cats are really into the chicken, Kira will eat it (she just leaves the chunks behind), but Mocha doesn't want to have anything to do with it. I expected this, and that's fine.

However, I have a question regarding turkey: The 'recipes' that I'm seeing out there are all for chicken but they mention that they'll substitute turkey on occasion. When this happens, do they just switch out the turkey for the chicken? I would presume that the proportions/ratios are the same.


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Purred: Tue Apr 19, '11 5:00am PST 
Mocha, that's exactly right - just swap the same amounts. You can also use the turkey liver rather than the chicken liver.