Thawing a Big ole pack of something

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Penn & Teller

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Purred: Wed Mar 30, '11 7:51am PST 
im kind of inexperienced with this cooking and kitchen stuff so um...

How does one safely thaw a frozen pack of chicken wings? I don't want to call and ask my husband or mother they'll think I'm not even serious considering I'm 29... today mol.

I've always just gone to the store and bought fresh and frozen portions for later.

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Wed Mar 30, '11 9:02am PST 
Put it it the refrigerator and let thaw smile It might take awhile if it's a big pack, maybe up to 2 days.

You can do a quick thaw by running cold water over the pack until it thaws. This might take a couple hours.


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Purred: Wed Mar 30, '11 11:47am PST 
And happy birthday! Your kitties probably couldn't have come up with a better present - raw food for THEM! cheer

Penn & Teller

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Purred: Wed Mar 30, '11 11:59am PST 
Shoot, I left it out in the sink.


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Purred: Thu Mar 31, '11 3:41am PST 
Happy belated Birthday P&T's mom!!!! (Sorry 'bout your wings.)

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