Is it me? (making rawfed)

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Purred: Mon Mar 7, '11 11:38am PST 
You know, I read all the posts from you beautiful gorgeous cat loving gentle souls about the trials and tribulations you have making rawfed.

There there's me. The odd ball.

I have a brilliant little Black and Decker food processor I got from WalMart - $39.99. I get out my chix thighs, pull the skin off, pound the bones a couple of times with a butcher knife to fracture them so they don't get caught in the blade, toss 'em in the mixer bowl, add egg, hearts, livers, fish oil, E oil, vit B, a touch of water and hit PLUSE then switch to WARP SPEED. I add a dash of salt and gradually add more water while - warping.

In two minutes it's nice and to pre-approved cat consistency. I pour it into a bowl and feed the masses. It has nice small chucks for chewy, plenty of fluid for drinking and tiny tiny bone frags. My cats, young and old, and soon snarfing away.

Am I overly simple?



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Purred: Tue Mar 8, '11 4:04am PST 
Sound like you have a system that works so I sure wouldn's worry about it if I were you!way to go



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Ooh Scooter, your mom is so lucky! I think most kitties are just determined to make things difficult and make us crazy. If you've got a balanced recipe and cats that will eat it, what could be better than that?! You realize of course that now that you've said this out loud your cats are going to decide they don't want that food anymore.... shh