Homemade cat food?

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I posted this under food and nutrition I wasn't sure where would be better to post it, so I decided to post it both places.

I've been looking into homemade cat food. What are your thoughts about it? Part of the reason I have thought about doing this it that two of my three cats have had a skin irritation/allergies. I was hoping it would help with that, and I've heard it could. I've tried putting them on better food like Taste of the Wild or Felidea even, but no matter what I do they won't take it(I've attempted the switch slowly over months).

A concerns I've had about making homemade is their teeth health. I've been told by vets and other people that the hard food keeps their teeth clean and healthy.

Homemade cat food, good idea or bad idea? Why or why not? If it's a good idea, do you know of any recipes to make sure they get the proper nutrition?


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I can't comment about homemade cooked recipies as I've no experience with them. I can tell you however that kibble does not clean a cat's teeth anymore that corn chips clean people's teeth. I don't know how you feel about raw feeding, but gizzards are quite good at helping to keep cat's teeth white and clean.

A homemade diet is good if you have allergy issues because you control what's going into your cat's food and you can alter it as you need too. I think that many homemade recipes include rice and veggies, but I would l eave them out, especially with allergic kitties.

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Wish my cats ate gizzards!

With the food transition I saw you trying, I know that my kittens weren't having me mix food together. There was no way I was able to do the smooth transition. I had to go straight from one food to another. It's possible you have to do this too. Have you tried?