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Purred: Mon Feb 21, '11 10:49am PST 
I had an emergency last night with my son and had to take him to the ER. I left some raw chicken in the sink which I thought none of the cats could access. I was in such a hurry. Many hours passed. I dunno 6? 8? Teller ate it. Is he going to be ok? He's fine today it seems I mean nothing out of the ordinary.

Also, what's a chicken gizzard? Meat? Organ?

And how often are they supposed to poop? I don't see much poo in the box. It's weird. I see more pee than I thought could come from a cat but not poop


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Purred: Mon Feb 21, '11 12:15pm PST 
They'll be fine with the chicken. I wouldn't make a habit of leaving raw out all day, but their systems are much more tolerant than ours of any bacteria that might form. Gizzards are considered muscle meat. And you'll probably only see poop every other day or so. And it won't smell! We know you'll be happy about that. wink


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I agree with everything that BK said. The chicken thief will be fine! And, yes to the giant sized pee and much less poop!

I hope that your son is ok!

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Yes to everything BK and Shade said.


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Haha yeah but I'm more happy that they don't get loosepoops anymore and diarrhea