Hi I am obese !!! should I go raw?

This is a dedicated place for all of your questions and answers about Raw Diets. There are also some really cool groups like "Raw Fed" on the topic you can join. This forum is for people who already know they like the raw diet or sincerely want to learn more. Please remember that you are receiving advice from peers and not professionals. If you have specific health-related questions about your cat's diet, please contact your vet!

fatest moose

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I have a big eating problem ,I am obese!!! I weigh about 25 lbs and the doctor said i need to loose weight. I eat whiskas and also like my crunchy munchies dry food way to go. how do you go raw? what would i eat ...can you raw health food cats give me a sample menu of your diet?red face


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When it comes to raw, most kitties end up eating less from a portion perspective, because it's more nutritious.

No matter what you eat, the number one thing that will help you lose weight is portion control. So, for example, your person looks at your food packaging or the recipe, and measures out the recommended amount, and once you've eaten that for the day, she doesn't give you any more. (Of course, we know that whining and crying usually makes them feel guilty enough to give us more!) If she likes to put out dry food and let you snack all day, she should only put out a day's portion, according to the portion size listed on the packaging. And she shouldn't back down if you eat it all and then cry for more later in the day. "Missing" one meal won't cause any health problems for you as long as you're healthy to begin with.

Please be sure your person researches well before switching over. Some good resources are Dr. Richard Pitcairn's "Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats" and http://www.charlesloopsdvm.com/catdiet.htm . I have been eating Dr. Pitcairn's recipes for a few years and have done well health-wise.

There are also pre-prepared, frozen raw foods you can buy. I remember that one is called Bravo, but I don't remember the others. Maybe some other kitties on the board do.

Another important thing -- if, after you research, you decide to eat raw, don't let anyone tell you it's not as nutritious as what comes out of a can. NOTHING provides a "nutritionally balanced" meal, no matter how careful you are. And the people-grade meat your human will use is better than the stuff that goes into canned cat food.


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Hi fellow tubby kitty - I am also in the "more to love" range. Altho I have irritable bowel, I am an exception in that instead of being skinny... I am fat. Anypurr, I have been trying the raw diet for about four weeks and I've really enjoyed it - but Mom has noticed me getting fatter than ever (and I don't eat more than I should, either). So, we just wanted to say not to expect to necessarily lose weight by eating raw. Good luck on whatever you try. Snuggles and purrs, Tommy.


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EEK ... I just re-read my post and couldn't edit. When I said no food is "nutritionally balanced," I meant "provides the total nutrition you need." Just like if people eat McDonald's, they get a meal, but it's not good for them to have it every day!

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I don't quite understand how to post to a specific person. I am not very computer literate. Anyway. I noticed that one of you has a cat w/ irritable bowel. I have a cat who does, also, Imani. He had a bout yesterday... so much pain for him. And he pooped everywhere as he ran screaming. I have tried the foods made for irritable bowel. They help, but he still has times when it acts up. Is the raw diet helping w/ the irritable bowel?


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oh, goodness! Tommy has never had an episode like that. He has loose stools that sometimes contain blood, but he has never cried out in pain like that (I guess you've taken yours to the Dr. - we've done all the tests and stuff, except for biopsies, but are baffled as to treatment. I had hoped the raw diet would be an answer, as it has to so many others with IBD, but it didn't do Tommy a bit of good - plus our vet is very against raw diets bec of the potential of bacteria being introduced if you aren't meticulous in handling, etc). Beginning tonite, in fact I am going to start blending ZD prescription diet in with the raw and weaning him over to it to see if it helps - it is for cats with extremely allergic systems that seem to react to everything, as Tommy does. I sure hate to hear that your kitty has so much pain with his! Hugs and purrs from me and Tommy kitty


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If raw is not for you, there is a good food here that is supposed to help with losing weight. You can also try the canned food! yummy!



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I’m sort of border lining the big league myself. At one point I weighed 16lbs but now I’m at a healthy 14lbs.

Yes, raw diet is definitely good for big kitties like you, Fatest Moose. Most commercial kibbles and cans (especially kibbles!!) contain lots of carbohydrates that our bodies don’t need at all. It’s those ingredients that make us chubby. The worst food is, believe it or not, so-called diet or light foods. In order to reduce calories, they pack in even more grains/vegetables/carbohydrates. Many kitties end up even chubbier on these foods.

After my staffs switched me to raw they started to notice that my pot belly was gone. Instead, my shoulder became broader and muscles more pronounced. You don’t look like you have a huge belly in your photos, Fatest Moose. Maybe you’re a big framed kitty like myself. Muscles are always heavier than fat so don’t worry too much if your weight doesn’t go down as much as you’d like. It’s your body shape that counts. The proteins in raw foods will certainly help you turn your bigness into hunkiness. wink

I have also found that exercise makes a HUGE difference. My staffs play with me at least twice a day, approx. 10-15 mins each. They noticed that right after my teeth operation I not only didn’t loose weight but I actually gained a little even though I was eating much less. They realized it was because I didn’t play.

Good luck, Fatest Moose. Hope you’ll be called Fittest Moose soon.


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I used to be overweight and since mommy doesn't have time to make raw food she started feeding us Innova Evo which has no grains and therefore we eat less of it (50% protein too). I'm down to a healthy weight now and my vet says it's because of the change in diet.

She suggests you check it out here: http://www.evopet.com/products/default.asp?panel=in&id=1500