Can U recommend a grinder?

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My Meowmy has made one batch of raw food - it made me tired just to watch! It took her two whole evenings to make using a Northern Tools electric grinder (the same $100 type that is recommended on other sites. Maybe she just got a defective one - She had to keep taking it apart and cleaning it - it was awful) She is wondering if some of your meowms could recommend grinders that have worked well for them? We are considering ordering the Tasin TS-108 for $185. Has anyone tried that? Purrs and rubs to any who can give us advice!

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The latest issue of Whole Dog Journal has some comments about grinders. I believe they noted that most readers who used grinders were satisfied with the Cabela's 1.0-1.5 hp models. I don't recall reading about the model you mentioned in your post though.
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