Found Skinny Cat - Need Some Weight On Her

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I have been feeding her lots of pork and some ‘chicken butt’ fat (along with chicken breast with ribs…didn’t have the jaw strength to do too well with them, a gizzard here and there to help jaw muscle, and beef heart). There is a free spay opportunity here on July 31st, but I’m not sure she will be ‘fat’ enough for the surgery. Any suggestions for packing on a few pounds? (or ounces more like!)

She is 5 ½ to 6 months old and as of the 23rd she weighed 5lbs 3.5 oz
We named her Samantha, she has a petfinder page for a small rescue up in Austin.

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What a beautiful little girl!! God Bless you for taking her in and trying to help her. All of us and our meowmy love to read stories like this.

Purring and praying that she gains weight so she can have the surgery, and also for her to adopt good people.

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P.S. God Bless your friend Cindy to, for helping this kitty!

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Well this may be against the direction of raw foods but feeding dry kitten food bulks cats up quickly as its high in protein and carbs. Thats how I put on the weight!


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Give This Cat Dry Food And Canned Food...

All At The Same Time Even Water!

Plus Keep Her In A diffrent Room Than Your Other Cats.!

Oh By The Way This Happened To Us.


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I was very underweight and still am small, but I am filling out quickly. A miracle food that really puts the weight on is Hills a/d. You can only get it from a vet though. A week of that and she will really start to fill out. Make sure you give her a very high quality dry - not from the grocery store. Try performatrin ultra or for now, Royal Canin for Kittens. Good luck!


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It sounds like you'd like to get the weight on her sooner rather than later. If that's the case, I agree with the previous posters: you probably want to go with prepared foods instead of raw, just for long enough to get some meat over her little bones!

The only reason that I am here is that I wanted to add this, since you probably posted in the raw food forum for a reason... if it really bothers you, then do not replace her raw diet with the other stuff; just mix them together. Think of it as supplementing her diet with some "junk food" for the sake of fat reserves. Usually we're taught to think that fat is bad, but as I am sure you already fully know, there's a certain amount of fat that we do need to keep the organs protected and all that good biology stuff.

I think in this case she needs a lil' junk food to go along with all that great TLC you've been giving her! She'll appreciate the extra pampering. It's like when your kid has a sore throat and you let her have popsicles cuz it feels good. ;3

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Thank you guys for all the wonderful comments!! I REALLY appreciate it! It turns out she has gined some weight without the dry or wet food, and you can't even feel that spine between her shoulders anymore!! I'm so pround of her! She has been getting tons of beef heart...always with a little fat on it, pork, and chicken with fat attached to it as well. You can't even feel her ribs much anymore! cheercheercheercheer

I really appreciate the help you guys provided!!