HCM - Beware this NC Breeder!!!

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Don't rush me,- I'm thinking...
Purred: Fri Jul 4, '08 5:03pm PST 
Kathryn Arce of ClassyRags Ragdolls in NC sold us a kitten with two parents with HCM. One carried the gene, we believe and one had it. So far most of the kittens from that litter are turning up... I am finding out from other breeders...with either the sickness or the gene. She has been selling breeding and pet quality cats for who knows how long with this gene. I know of one breeder that has three female breeders from her all with the gene, and another that she sold the rest of her cats to is getting similar findings.

We called then number on our three year health contract, and it is disconnected. Her web page is down. Now I am told she has also moved. We are looking into a class action suit.

I believe she did not know prior to the gene testing being available, but once she did know her cats were coming back sick...she had a responsibility to contact all of us and let us know. Instead she decided to just disappear and be in breach of all those contracts. So I have no sympathy for her. If you bought a kitten from her, please contact me, and please get your cat tested. I understand it is only 60 USD to do so.

This is such a sad thing.



Big Boy
Purred: Tue Jul 8, '08 5:58pm PST 
Hi, After seeing your post I thought I would try to contact you. I bought a kitten from Classyrags who did not survive very long due to a severe reaction from being put to sleep for his nutering. We missed him so much, that a few months later, we were fortunate to get a pair of siblings from Kathryn. I am not sure if I will have my babies tested or not, due to the fact that it will not alter the outcome. However, I will discuss this with my vet, because if there is any preventive measures that we can take to make their lives better, we will do so. I will let you know. In the meantime, any additional information you have will be appreciated.


Purred: Fri Jul 11, '08 6:58am PST 
I have a kitten from Classsy Rags so I am very worried. Is there a way that I can email you privately?