Search and Rescue in New Smyrna Beach FL

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R.I.P Feral:- Lucky- Snowball

98% Feral
Purred: Thu May 29, '08 4:11am PST 
I care for (TNR, shots, FeLeuk/Fiv testing, ear notching, feed etc)12 feral cats behind K-mart in New Smyrna Beach, FL, right off 44. 11 days ago my ferals started not showing up at their feeding stations. Within 3 days 10 are gone with no signs of them at all. One mother abandoned 5 kittens.(The 2 that are left are nursing moms and have been seen caring for the others). I have contacted the police and animal control as a shop owner in the area threatened to poison the cats about 3 weeks ago. My vet has informed me that if it was a predators the kittens and Mom's would have been the first to succumb. I suspect human intervention but without a body to autopsy I can prove nothing.
Friday, May 30th at 12 noon I am trying to gather a few people to aid in rescuing the rest of the kittens ( I have 4 at my home now and all have become tame with in 24 hours, hence adoptable) and to search for the missing cats and/or their bodies. I have permission from K-mart managers and the police.
If you can make it, even for 1 hour we'd love the help. Wear long pants, closed shoes, gloves and a long sleeved shirt and be prepared for anything. You may want to bring garden shears or something like that as it is a very wooded area with vines, etc. Water will be provided.


Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 5:29pm PST 
I was saddened by your story. I go by that area alot and have seen the cats and have stopped by from time to time to give them food. I saw your poster. If I can do anything to help please let me know. I also feed and take care of many cats.