Adoption Center SOS Pepperell, MA

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(by the by, mommy says to mention that pepperell is in massachusetts, near to nashua, nh, where we live)

"Pass it on... even if we just save one by passing it on.....

Kitty SOS!

From: Creaser, Heather L
Sent: Wednesday, April 16, 2008 1:05 PM
Subject: FW: 150 cats need homes ASAP

Due to the owner's unexpected/untimely death a cat
shelter in Pepperell is being closed by the state and 150 cats will have to be put down. The daughter doesn't have a license to run the shelter. So in the next week or 2 all these cats will be euthanized. If anyone you know can take one that would be great, but pass this along to anyone just to get it out there.
Maybe a friend of a friend of a friend would take one in.? It's on Sheffield St in Pepperell, 30 min. from Acton .

The # is 978-433-0404.

If there is anyone that is interested in adopting /
assisting with finding homes for these cats please
contact me or the number below ASAP or forward this email to a friend...please help!"


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am absolutely flabbergasted that this continues to make the rounds.

The shelter is NOT closing. My oldest daughter has been a volunteer there for the past 11 years (and a very close friend of the founder, who passed away last month). All the volunteers are still working there and the state is helping with a illness issue with some of the cats, but NO healthy cats are being euthanized. It is the shelter's goal to continue to adopt cats out, was founded as a no-kill shelter and will continue to be a no-kill shelter. The only cats that were euthanized were some very ill FIV or FELv positive cats that were on their last legs (only 6).

The "daughter" actually gets a kick out of the "daughter" bit. This is the current president of the shelter, and the founder's best friend. She is in her late 50s! Feel free to spread the word that it IS NOT CLOSING!! Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Thanks ! kathrynclow@gmail.com "