Ever tried putting your cat on a leash?

This is the place to talk about anything and everything cat-related going on where you are or where you've been with your best furiend! All those who enjoy taking their cats out gather here to share info on local cat-friendly places and find out about meet ups with other cat owners in your area! Check out Catster Local for pet-friendly products and services in your neighborhood!

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[[[:Snowflak- e:]]]

I am CARNIVORE:- Hear me- ROAR!!!!!!!!!!
Purred: Wed Mar 12, '08 1:31pm PST 
Ever tried putting your cat on a leash and taking them outdoors for a walk? I do it, I love it. You gotta start em young, like my human did with me. It was awesome. It makes me feel free. You can use a collar and leash, but I recommend if you live near a busy road like me you should Harness train. Its safer.smile


Woot, Im a- SpiderCat. - Mreow
Purred: Wed Mar 12, '08 2:02pm PST 
I have a harnis and leash... but I havn't really been out in it yet!
Im tooo scared of the outdoors... frown


♥ Simbas Lucky- Wife! ♥
Purred: Wed Mar 12, '08 2:15pm PST 
Agreed! way to go

I la-la-LOVE going for walks on my leash! Have since I was a kit!!

♥- Angel- ♥

Catster Crazy
Purred: Wed Mar 12, '08 3:28pm PST 
I always have my harness on when I go out. Mom has a rule: No harness, No outside. Snow hates wearing her leash. Everytime Mom puts it on her, she'll run away so Mom just lets her in the front yard because Snow won't run away. She stays on the lawn and eats the grass, but if I don't have my harness on, I'll run so I could play with my furiends


Where is the- love??
Purred: Wed Mar 12, '08 6:38pm PST 
Mom tried to put a leash on me once when I was a kitten. I ran under the porch.

Mom never saw that leash again. MOL

[[[:Snowflak- e:]]]

I am CARNIVORE:- Hear me- ROAR!!!!!!!!!!
Purred: Wed Mar 12, '08 9:48pm PST 
I know! They are so fun! I have a hard time wearing the harness. Im better on leashes. big laugh
Has anyone ever been to a cat show?


Stella- Felinis--Queen- of All Kitties!
Purred: Wed Mar 12, '08 11:13pm PST 
It's Stella. See picture on my page. I hate it! No matter how nice it is outside, when I feel that leash I freak out and start slinking on my belly.

My person's mother used to let her cats go outside on a leash that ran on the clothes line up and down the yard so they could run or do whatever they wanted without people. They did get tangled though, and got frustrated because they would chase squirrels and the squirrels would get away every time!

I guess you have to start them very early, or maybe some just don't like it at all. My person tried Delyte and he really freaked. She hasn't tried the kittens yet. They really want to go out now that it is nice. Purrs to you!

♥- Brookelynn- Paige=^.^=

I Like People- They Clean Up My- Poop!
Purred: Thu Mar 13, '08 4:39am PST 
I like wearing my leash, but I dont like going outsidecry
I put brookelynn on a leash and let her walk around the house with it..I guess it was a safety/security thing for me because in my mind I was going to step on it if she ever ran out of the door in hopes to catch her because they are people that will steal your kitty where I live. They wont even try to walk around and ask if its yours they will either lock it in their apartment or give it to a family member.

I could open the door wide open and Brookelynn will not go outshrug

Jobél- our- Sweetheart

Named for- Jubilee Year- 2000
Purred: Fri Mar 14, '08 1:58pm PST 
We Manx love walking outside with our harness on, although we don't get to where we live now. Even if we're travelling in our carrier, we have our harness on. It's easier for Mom to grab us if we ever try to escape.


Me, Me, Me, Me
Purred: Fri Mar 14, '08 3:38pm PST 
My Meowmy's very first cat used to go like Stella said, on a 12 ft. leash attached to the clothesline. She loved it. Nighty would lay under Meowmy's lawn chair and all of a sudden pounce!! She ended up getting stung a couple of times. I haven't been outside-I TRY--I "sneak" out onto the "inside" porch (entranceway), but Meowmy or Daddy ALWAYS sees me! shrug

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