Cats with flea allergies

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I feed a group of cats that were dumped by neighbors who have moved over the years. I have fixed and eartipped most of them I have a few toms who are next to be done. I am having a huge problem with fleas some of the cats are losing hair and groom themselves non stop. They have scabs and are losing hair on thier tails and hind leg area. My husband is a heating and air tech and right now work is very slow. Usually I am able to buy frontline but right now we are having to cut back on EVERYTHING. I dont know if I am able to do this on this board but if anybody has any frontline (for a large dog) would be the best I can do around 7 cats with frontline for a large dog, and could possibly mail it to me these kitties would really appreciate it. my email addy is ppwabit@aol.com I have pics of the cats if anybody would like to see or if u have any suggestions on what I can do to get the flea population under control in my yard would be nice as well. I mow and use an insect killer but nothing is working right now.......