Florida Kittys

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Purred: Tue Sep 4, '07 7:57pm PST 
Is there any Fl Kittys around?

Captain (RIP- 2006-2010)

Captain Cook
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '07 4:28pm PST 
I spend some time down in Ft. lauderdale..does that count? smile


If it can break,- its been broken!- ;)
Purred: Thu Sep 6, '07 6:20pm PST 
hmmm maaaybbbeeee. Was it hot when you got here or were to chicken and came when it was in the winter time. In order to say your a florida kitty you would have to have gone thru one of our summers :-p


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Purred: Sat Sep 8, '07 5:12am PST 
waveWe are Florida kitties.

Jagger- Olivia

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Purred: Sat Sep 8, '07 10:20am PST 
Us! Us!

We're actually from Parkland, a little itty-bitty city near Boca Raton. But daddy is in graduate school and so we all live up in the Orlando area for now. (But mommy and I are counting down the months until we all get to go home again!)


Purred: Sun Sep 9, '07 9:00pm PST 
We're Florida kitties! We both picked out Mom and Dad when they came to the New Smyrna Beach Humane Society in Jan '06. We do travel, by van, with Mom, Dad, sissy-cat Josie and our doggie Georgie 3 times a year to visit family to Long Island New York. There we all stay with our Auntie Ruthie and her 2 dogs and 5 kitties. The last time we drove back Mom brought 3 stray kittens with us so family members could adopt them. Boy! Was that a fun ride. Diesel, Tango and Georgie have yet to meet a kitty they don't like.wave


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Purred: Tue Sep 11, '07 4:21am PST 
Tango, we loved to stay in New Smyrna Beach. Glad you found your family there. We are near Kissimmee now.big grin


Missy Blue Eyes
Purred: Tue Sep 11, '07 11:18am PST 
Hi!!! I am (was) a Florida kitty! I was adopted way way back in 1984 by mama and papa from the shelter in Naples, Florida. My name back then was "Spice". Boy, they sure got that right!!! heehee
We lived in Naples for a while, then to Orlando for a year or so, then to Miami for a really long time (i liked it best acuz i had a yard to play in - with supervision). When we lived in Orlando mama adopted Sparky - he was a tiny little guy that somebody left with his sibs in front of a pet store - one of the girls that worked there brought him to where mom worked and she fell in love - hoping i would too...NOT...at least not right away. Things got better as soon as he realized who was boss kitty in the house. We are the bestest of furriends still.