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Stacey Foster
"breeder" of pixie bob
Cattery Potomac
Nokesville, Virginia, US

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We brought home our baby kitten on April 27, 2013. We purchased him from a person whom we felt was a reputable breeder from Virginia. We arranged to pick him up at a cat show in Connecticut. However, when we got him, he was extremely thin and had diarrhea. He was sneezing, had runny eyes and nose and was infested with ear mites. We were very concerned for our new kitten and for our other animals, as well, who had come into contact with him in our home.

We brought him to our trusted veterinarian. While attempting to figure out why he kept having diarrhea, we were completely blindsided when we received a diagnosis of the wet form of FIP. Nothing could be done to save him. Sadly, our baby passed away on June 22. We considered taking the risk of getting another kitten from this breeder, however, she cannot find the time in her personal life to even send us some pictures. There is always some short of excuse as to why she is unable to help us.
To us, it does not appear that she cares about the welfare of the breed or the heartache we have endured.
If you are looking for a kitten, show cat, or breeder cat...please don’t buy from this Pixie Bob Breeder in Virginia, as it could become a complete heartbreak for you and your family.

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That is not True there have been people that Fallowed the contract to a T and stacey never did her job. she even breaks other contracts to people that try and help her and her partner Jane and their new cattery Name .


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We're closing this thread since it's not fun and friendly. The posters need to take their argument someplace other than Catster.

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