Could I have some Pixie-Bob in me?

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Purred: Wed Dec 24, '08 7:18pm PST 
My mommy has wondered from the moment she got me if I have some sort of breed-specific ancestor in me. She thinks the symmetry of my markings can not be pure random chance. I'm obviously not a pure bred anything and mommy just loves how beautiful I am and that I am such a good companion, but she's curious. She's bought books, read books, looked on the internet, but never found so many examples of various breeds to look at as on catster. Mommy wonders if I have some Maine coon cat, some Bengal, or maybe some Egyptian Mau in me. My tail seems like some of the Pixie-Bobs here. With my markings, she's looked at various pictures of wild cats and she's often thought that I looked like a lynx or a bobcat. Imagine her surprise in finding out there is a breed that came from a cross with a Bob-Cat She is truly just curious. She'd also like other suggestions as to where I got all my pretty markings.

I am extremely attached to my mother. I don't really mind riding in the car, but don't love it. Then again, I don't hate it like my sister does. I don't fetch, but I will chase after toys that are thrown. I am pretty patient with my sister and accepted her within 3 days of her arrival. My mother did not separate us. My sister does things like jump me, play submissive with her belly up then swat me, splay herself out over me all four legs spread out and groom me, try to be my mommy and lick my butt. I put up with her all the time (and she is crazy) and even instigate chase games by running away or chasing her. Very occasionally, I have to pin her down and show her who got here first. I NEVER scratch my mommy or daddy, if I want them to put me down, I simply push with my paw. I rarely scratch furniture, if I do, my mommy says stop and I do. It is quite clear that I understand the word Treats. I am obviously much more intelligent than my sister, although my mommy and daddy no longer think my sister is dumb, she is just crazy sometimes. I am not a really quiet cat, but I do not make noise most of the time like my sister. I have distinct vocalizations that I use, but not a serious vocabulary like my sister. I do remain quiet when I am not talking to my parents about something, unlike my sister who hardly shuts up unless she's sleeping. My mother has not tried to harness train me b/c I came from the wild and since I want to sleep in mommy's bed, mommy does not allow me outdoors. On the few occasions I've snuck out, I have walked down to the edge of the yard, maybe gone down a house or two, or gone into the back yard to roll around in the stone water holding thing or on the stones on the path around the back yard, but I always come back within 15-30 minutes, hide under a bush by the front yard, cower, and howl until I am let in. Once or twice, daddy and mommy didn't hear me, and I walked around the side of the house, jumped up in the window sill near the sofa where I knew they were sitting and cried. I THINK I like it outside, but I really don't. Nevertheless, my mommy wisely fears tick born diseases and since I MUST sleep with mommy, she keeps me inside. Maybe I could be leash/harness trained, but mommy thinks I might be upset and being outside and not being allowed to do what I wanted. It would be good exercise for me and mommy and good for us, however. I don't really like being left alone during the day. In my mind, mommy belongs at home since I was adopted in the summer when my mommy, a teacher, was not in school. When my daddy has been at home, but mommy has left, he has observed me crying for a while at the front door (and my sister, too), then waiting for a while to see if mommy would come home. After a while, I get over it, and I go sleep somewhere where the blankets are piled up on mommy and daddy's bed.

I do not get hairballs usually, although a few times, I've gotten one in my throat. My mommy gives me that stuff the vet gave to help me pass them and since I think it's a treat, I lap it up and pass it. This is not a regular occurrence, however. I do not shed a whole lot, and occasionally my mommy furminates me, but I still do not give off a lot of hair when she does it. I like getting furminated, but I hate being outside to do it and not being able to run around. It's not fun for mommy or me.

My mommy and daddy believe I am very intelligent and mature and wise for my age. I adopted mommy in August of 2007 but I was probably already a year old at that time.

Mommy is worried that I have rambled too much, but she has read a lot in books and on the net wondering where my pretty stripes came from and it's very exciting to find a place where she might get an answer. She has tried to examine the standard behavioral characteristics for this breed and compare them to me in hopes someone will have some ideas for her. Thanks for your help!

Thanks and Happy Holidays and many snuggles from all your cats. May they keep you warm and feeling loved!


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Purred: Sat Jun 27, '09 4:15pm PST 
I think you could have some Pixie in you. Your coloring is a lot like mine. smile

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My pixie-bob markings are: fur at bottom of paws are black, fur is more fuzzy like thick carpet than hairy, lips and eyes outlined in black, white strip around eyes, tail is mid length with concentric black rings ending in a black tip with a little kink, black spots on belly, and looks big-boned and dense. Momma says I'm a baby Huey...don't seem to know my strength with my older sisters. My brother looked more like you...he had longer fur....hopefully he was adopted,tookitty