Personality Characteristics of Cat People

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I am trying to conduct an informal study about the personality characteristics/traits of people who love cats. I believe that there are probably more introverted cat lovers than there are extroverts who love cats. Cats are the introverts of the animal world: they are a social species (just as are introverts) but they are not a hyper-social species like dogs and extroverts. What do you think?

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Everyone is different. I have loved cats all my life and have always lived with at least two and I am not at all laid-back. However I've met friends and relatives who love cats and are rather calm. I also tend to be emotional and sympathetical. MOST cat lovers, from my experience, are quite calm as they speak, some serious cat people are different from your average person.

Yet, I love both cats and dogs, therefore I'm not ONLY a cat person. big grin


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Well, I'm usually a nervous wreck, so there goes the calm theory. I am sociable, but like to my alone time, too; because of the peculiar circumstances of my life, I am living a rather isolated existence, but I'm not particularly introverted.

I think two generalizations can be made. One is that women tend to be cat people, men to be dog people. Yes, that's an overgeneralization, but while there are male cat hoarders, you hear about more women, and it's not just because of the "crazy cat woman" stereotype. The cat world is, and always has been, dominated--and I do mean dominated--by women. Most breeders are women, or women working with their husbands. The majority of new breeds have been developed by women. At cat shows (I think Japan is representative, not an exeption), the exhibitors are perhaps 90% women, and the few men who are there are either there with their wives, or unmarried (for whatever reason). Women are also probably the majority of cat show judges.

Why would this be? Distinct dog breeds have existed and been nurtured for centuries, while distinguishing between cat breeds and developing them and creating new ones began in the mid-19th century. Dogs breeds, at least in theory, were developed for different functions. Cats breeds, for the most part, have been developed for their aesthetic value (yes, doggies are pretty, too). I think that women are more geared to appreciating cats aesthetically, while men perhaps are drawn to dogs because of their greater obedience and pack mentality.

It is also often said that dictators tend to hate cats. Probably they are turned off by the aloof nature of felines.

All of the above are just generalizations off the top of my head. The cat show part, however, does make me think that women bond with cats, perhaps because of their beauty, more than men do.


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Found this on the Internet:

As long as we're generalizing, perhaps it is because of the similarities between them and their pets:

Women/Cats: independent, take care of themselves, soft, purr

Men/Dogs: dependent for food, must be groomed, bark often