The Cat "True, False, or Opinion" Game

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Alright, this is how this is going to work. I am going to write down some sentences and you are going to copy and paste all the sentences to your responce and answer them to play. Whoever gets the most correct answers is the winner. There may be more than one winner. If you win, you may get a rossette or something at your profile, or you might just get a quick, friendly "congratulations." Either way, this is just for fun. wink
Now, here are the sentences, please answer "true, false, or opinion to play the game.
1.) Cats are way better than dogs.
2.) Only female cats can be calico.
3.) All egyptian maus have an M-shaped pattern on their forehead.
4.) Only male cats can be tabby.
5.) I think that it takes too much work to deal with a cat.
6.) Kittens are way cuter than adult cats.
7.) When cats scratch people, it is always on purpose.
8.) Indoor cats generally live the same amount of years as outdoor cats.
9.) A healthy weight for a female adult cat is about 9 and a half pounds.
10.) ALL cats ONLY eat meat.