To the kittys on Catster ! friends needed

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Purred: Sat Mar 21, '09 8:43pm PST 
Dearest Kittens my name is Zoe I am a black purrty kitty and mom got me my catster page a while ago and has just now been able to get back to the everday checking and taking care of my page so I was wondering if any of you kittens would like to be my pals it would be just purrfect much love Zoe big grinhappy dance


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Purred: Sun Mar 22, '09 3:10am PST 
Friend request on the way Zoe wave

Oh....silly me, we were already friends laugh out loudhappy dance

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Thats ok I am glad were friends ! you are a lovely kitty I must say ! applause

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Purred: Mon Mar 23, '09 9:08pm PST 
We, too, are already friends with you Zoe.

way to go


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I am glad to be friends Athena sweet kitty you are ! wave


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I sure wish I had more kitty friends I am glad I have the ones Ive got but I want more selffish kitty I am smile snoopy

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Purred: Fri Apr 17, '09 11:42am PST 
We had mom send you a request! cheer


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We just sent a friend reguest to you

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Purred: Wed Apr 29, '09 3:15am PST 
We would like to be yur frend too. Our hooman dosn't chek catster very often, but we made syur the hooman sended yoo a frend rekwist.

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Purred: Wed Apr 29, '09 4:32am PST 
Meowlo Zoe:

We went to send you a Friends Request, but we are already friends. But glad you are back on CATSTER. We see you are a member of BCCP (Black Cats Crossing Our Paths).....try and post there if you get a chance. All of us purrs on there have a GREAT time!!

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