A celebration of life!

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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Lily- ♥- ♥

Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 7:34am PST 
Please join me in a celebration of life today; this thread was created in honor of our sweet friend Tabby


whose Bridge anniversary is today 3-12-09. We would also like to celebrate life in general, whether you are an Earth kitty or are one of our Bridge friends.

Come join us in a day of love, laughter, remembrance and friendship today!

Oingo- ♥ ADB- #57B (1982-

Inside kitties- are the- happiest!
Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 7:51am PST 
Hi everyfriend! wavewave

*Scatters hearts everywhere*


Missy ~- Beautiful- Angel

I'm a Caribbean- Princess!
Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:03am PST 
What a lovely idea, count me in! I'm still getting the hang of sprinkling dust in the proper manner but I'm getting there!
little angel

Poo Sweet- Angel ADB- #57A

Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:09am PST 
Hi everybody!
What a great opportunity for our Earth friends and our Bridge friends to get together! cloud 9

Special hugs to Tabby on her special day~

Macallan, In- Loving- Memory

look out for the- mac attack
Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:12am PST 
What a wonderpurr idea!!!

*opens the 'earth window' and sees all his furriends and loved ones*


ball of energy
Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:18am PST 
* Cavie enters carrying a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.....Marmie , Shadow and Cocoa Jo are carring balloons with the names of all the angel purrs that have gone to the Bridge....there is one that is larger than than the others....with Tabby and Lisa's photo on it*

Cavie....the flowers are for all the meowmies who are mourning the loss of their purrs and we thought we would release the balloons in memory of our Bridge angels. Places the flowers in a vase.

*Marmie goes over and hands Lisa the one of her and Tabby* We know how sad you are and hope this small token lets you know how much we love you.


Just call me the- meow-inator.
Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:19am PST 
Great idea. Its great to celebrate life, in general, whether its the remembrance of life or living life right now. My sisfur, Kit, posted some pictures on her page of our angel sibs....mom hopes to get them their own pages if she can ever get some more pictures scanned. So, all my brofurs and sisfurs, on earth and at the bridge are celebrating today...


Odie- ♥- ♥

Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:22am PST 
Comes in, gives her friends a warm hug~~
Gives her NEW friends a warm hug! cloud 9

*sets out a tray of warm cookies*

Tabby, it is so nice to meet you. My Bridge siblings have said much about you; we are honored to celebrate your special day together.
big grinbig grinbig grinbig grin


Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:32am PST 
*comes in and sees her friends and lovely heart confetti and lovely balloons and flowers* I brought some more balloons. *puts the Heart Balloons with the ones Cavie brought and gives her friends all big hugs* And Tabby a very special hug for you and your mommy.

Edited by author Thu Mar 12, '09 8:34am PST


Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Thu Mar 12, '09 8:35am PST 
Hi Everyfur! little angel *big brown-and-white dog tries to follow her in* No! This is Catster, not Dogster! I'll be back in a minute! *brings dog back to his nap spot on the Bridge*
Phew! That dog wants to follow me everywhere!
Anyway, just came to say hi! Hi Tabby, love your page! Your story made water come out of Mommy!
But your right, we should celebrate Tabby's life and her good memories for her Mommy! *puts flowers down on table*
Oh that dog! He munched on some petals. .. sorry Tabby, but I guess they're edible!
And speaking of edible! *goes around and grabs some yummies, and puts some in a doggie bag. . .for her, not the dog* little angel

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