Catster "Cat Hotel"

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!


Otab's Girl
Purred: Sun Sep 28, '08 7:22am PST 
Hello efurry cat! Welcome to the Catster Cat Hotel! I am Chiko and I have a sister, Gray.
Pawmail me if you want to order a room. We do it for cheap prices, and look for our new location at Rainbow Bridge! little angel

Ok, we have about 10 rooms on efurry floor. There are 8 floors. Each room can fit 7 cats/kittens. Here are the prices:

1 cat: 1 treat ( send to me or Gray )
2 cats: 2 treats
3 cats: 3 treats
4 cats: 5 treats
5 cats: 5 treats
6 cats: 4 treats
7 cats: 4 treats

If you have more than 7 cats in your family ( eek ) than you may have to order another room. We have lots of activities in the hotel! Oh, wait, I almost forgot! You cats on Rainbow Bridge, you get to pay 1 treat for efurry cat in the room you order. hamster dance

Here are some activities:

The pool:
Kitten pool (ages 3-10)
Teens & young adults (ages 11-40)
Senior pool (ages 50 and above)
Baby pool (ages 1, and 2. must be with an parent!)
Hot tub (ages 5 and above)
Sauna (ages 5 and above)
Water tubing (ages 7 and above)
Wild water slides (ages 5 and above)
Lazy river kitty (ages 6 and above)
Beds and massages (ages 10 and above. Costs 1 treat.)

The aquarium:

See our fish in amusement and go crazy!

kittens are 1 treat
adults are 5 treats
seniors are 6 treats
Rainbow Bridge cats are 5 treats

Feeding times happy dance are 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM if you want to feed (NOT EAT) the fish.

Fishes are:
Sting rays (you can pet them)
Water Lizards



Hungry? Instead of cooking, come to Gray's Seafood Medleys or Eat All You Want Buffetway to go to eat our delicious food!

Menu for "Gray's Seafood Medley:"

Fried Seaweed salad (with dressing)
Pet fishes

Fish juice
Angel Springs (for Rainbow Bridge cats only)
Catta (like Fanta) Cherry, orange, grape
Sea Slushie (cherry, orange, grape, lemon, lime, milk)
Ask for any dessert!

Menu for "All You Can Eat Buffet":
Anything! Just ask!

Video Games:
Cattio and Puronic at the Olympic Games
(like Mario and Sonic)
Cat Cooker
Cat Racer
(like Speed Racer)
(like Spore)
Cattio Super Sluggers
(like Mario)
Cattio Cart
(like Mario Cart)


Information you need to know:

No being loud
No playing your Rock Music Records to full volume at night laugh out loud
you can schedule a party for 1 treat in the Pawty Room (complete with cake, ice cream, and other stuff)
Pawmail me for any questions at Chiko or at my sister's pawmail address, Gray.
You can be a staff, but pawmail me first.
wishes !

Please feel free to join the pawty and fun! party party party party



Sweet,- cute,n- naughty
Purred: Wed Oct 29, '08 10:25pm PST 
Wow I want to go!So does Winston.Pawty!party


Anyone- got a- pillow?
Purred: Wed Oct 29, '08 10:26pm PST 
Wow I want to go!So does Toby.Pawty!


Otab's Girl
Purred: Sun Nov 2, '08 9:04am PST 
sure what floor would you like?

are you both in the same room?


I rule the house
Purred: Sat Nov 29, '08 6:19pm PST 
I want 1 room with the best view. I want a suite and I will pay 5 treats to you! I am almost 2 so I will call myself 2 and a cat! P-mail me about info of the hotel and activities- until now I think I will enjoy some fun in the kitten pool with my human. snoopy Boy this hotel is FUN!


Otab's Girl
Purred: Thu Dec 25, '08 7:58am PST 
Hi Moonpye, Toby, Winston! Thanks fur visiting my hotel! Moonpye, if you'd like our suite rooms with our best views of Catster City, then I'd suggest to go on the third floor, room 5. All third floor rooms are suites, but room 5 has the best view. you have a screened patio and you may ask for room service. Honestly, you've got the best 5 star room in the hotel! happy dance


I rule the house
Purred: Thu Dec 25, '08 3:40pm PST 
Thanks! I am gonna call room service ASAP!


Wishing to be a- deputy . . .
Purred: Fri Dec 26, '08 7:36am PST 
Hi, my name is Gray. You may also call me Graypaw from fireclan. I will be at your service, Moonpye, because Chiko ordered me to be room service. Would you like some food? or maybe I should clean your room? just ask for anythin' , i'll get if fur you!


Otab's Girl
Purred: Fri Jun 26, '09 2:02pm PST 
I'm sorry I havent been here for awhile!