Looking for other Fairbanks Farm Abys

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Sat Feb 15, '14 3:58pm PST 
We posted this in the Rescue and Adoption section but I don't think that section gets much traffic. shrug

Human is curious whether there are any Abys here on Catster who are also from Fairbanks Farm in CA thinking That's where she got Leroy from. Human just heard that the breeder of Fairbanks Farm, Lisa Ale, passed away last April cry The cattery no longer exists. A foster person took all of the Abys and I guess is still working with a rescue (SCAR) to find new homes for the Abys.

I guess we just want to hear from other Fairbanks Farm Aby owners and maybe talk about experiences about our crazy Abys kitty We Googled for other Fairbanks Farm Abys but the only thing that comes up is info for the cattery.