The word "owner"

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I wasn't sure where to write this comment so I chose this category.
Before Catster closes down….which is awful to be sure….I needed to make this comment:
Why do people refer to pets…cats, dogs ect. as owning them? Shouldn't we start saying Guardian? When you own something you can do whatever you like to it….you own a car…you can wreck it if you want to, paint it, throw it away, give it away ect. As a Guardian you are responsible to take care of someone and make sure that they are safe, fed and happy as is possible. I wish we could stop saying OWNING!! Thank you for listening.


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I agree 100%! way to go

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Mew mews, kitty

I hear ya out!

I always say oh, I have a bootiful Maine Coon she's my litta big girl kitty!

Also, I used to hear the expression;
I own a cat, NO we don't own cats, they OWN us!

Sad to say a lot of people think cats are a piece of furniture or something they bought & are throw away!!!! frown

On a happier note,

♥Happy Valentine's Day♥kitty