Is my pattern Tortoise Shell or Calico?


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Purred: Tue Oct 29, '13 5:51pm PST 
When I got Nika I originally thought she was of calico pattern and long-haired, but the vet says tortie medium-hair? She does have some blocks of color on her face, paws and belly, but her back is all brindled. Opinions? smile

Maybe both?


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Purred: Wed Oct 30, '13 6:02pm PST 
She is a tortoiseshell and white; a calico would appear to be a white cat with patches of the colors seen here. Tortoiseshell is patterned all over; the fact she has white paws and a spot of white on her chest makes her tortie and white.


Two-toned face- matches- personality.
Purred: Sun Nov 3, '13 9:08pm PST 
Well thank you very much for clearing that up smile I now know what to call my meow-baby.

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Mew mews Niki
Your a bootiful litta purrity gurl Tortie Wiff White like me iz! cheer
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