How About a "Pocket Neighborhood" for Cats and their Humans

Oscar and- Felix

Purred: Sun Apr 15, '12 2:00pm PST 

Our humans want to move to a SMALL house, or even better, a whole development, where humans and cats can live harmoniously together. I (Felix) was sitting next to one of my owners at the computer as she was looking at the movement for "pocket neighborhoods" and I she got all excited because with a slight bit of work this neighborhood could be designed for cats and their humans to live harmoniously.

http://www.rosschapin.com/Projects/PocketNeighborho ods/ThirdStreetCottages/ThirdStreet.html

The courtyard could be closed in with a high, cat-proof fence so that we could easily stay away from those streets with the nasty, noisy and dangerous cars. Also there could be cat "gyms" from natural wood, with high runways from one to the other, even with some runways that lead into my owners' house with a cat door?



Maybe if we meowed loud enough, the architects could even design some high indoor walkways for us, maybe even with high up doors from one room to another. Also built-in boxes with vents into which the litter boxes could be kept.

What do you think of these ideas?