Training human kittens for fun and profit


I'm cute and I- know how to use- that :)
Purred: Fri Nov 25, '11 1:40pm PST 
So mom went and got a human kitten creature. At first, it was pretty annoying, since mom would ignore me unless the kid was napping. And it's annoying when she body slams me now that she can crawl. Mom make sure this doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

But here's the conandrum... I am realizing something: this human kitten creature has potential. She's already pretty tall (half the size of mom), she has something called opposable thumbs that is supposed to make it easy to open cat food bags, and due to her young age, she's also pretty gullible.

Once she starts walking upright the way humans do (any day now *crosses fingers*), I could probably convince her to sneak me food (I'm on a diet right now cry). But how to accomplish that? I've tried letting her pet me and body slam me. So far, no good.

I'm not sure I'd be able to use mind control. I tried it on mom, and it didn't work. But maybe the creature is simpler, and therefore more prone to the power of suggestion ("Look at me. You are my slave. Now go, get the bag of cat food and spill it on the floor")?

Do any of you cats living with human kittens have any suggestions on how to train them to do your bidding??