SLIDE.COM guestbooks N slideshows

Da tabbies o trout towne

Purred: Wed Nov 23, '11 7:38am PST 
mewolo's all

a heads up noe tiss ta any one usin de SLIDE.COM website for your photo slide shows ore your guest book pick sures N notes....

as of March 6th, 2012...they bee shuttin down


they iz advisin evree one ta export there stuffz prior too... sew yur stuffs iz knot lost

we went ta post a mew pick sure yesterday N seed de announce mint; wuz de furst we hurd bout it..... ???

haza pawsum wednesday

peace out N rock on, N tanx SLIDE.COM for de yeers of service N allowin us ta put R selves ina pick sure showhail

Angel- ♥Kally- Kat♥

Purred: Wed Nov 23, '11 2:05pm PST 
DA TABBIES Mews wave

Now, dis bees furry sadd frown an an tankee furr tellin us furrs!

OK, wheyah do we export all our furriends whoo signed da guest book too? shrug

Pleeze lemme know & offurs too! way to go

Sad sacks Kally Kat cry